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Investment & Innovation Academy

BMI Executive Institute for the first time in the region launches the Investment and Innovation Academy with the aim to enhance decision-makers’ mindset, know-how on innovations in business and investment strategies, provide tools and methodologies for their successful implementation.

Practice-based Experience

Be the first to benefit and bring your evaluated investments to another scale!

BMI Executive Institute in cooperation with the Lithuanian Business Angel Network (LitBAN) and the Baltic Sandbox start-up accelerator community has launched the Investment and Innovation Academy. Academy’s content partners are Ellex Valiūnas law firm and 7OV Revenue Accelerator.

This project is intended to not only talk about investment methods in general. It also aims to provide an understanding and broader view of what investment and innovation mean nowadays and what role do they play in the dynamic economic environment.

This is a practice-based programme that brings participants quickly and efficiently up to speed on assessing ventures, creating investment strategies, discovering, evaluating diverse investment options and much more.

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For Whom?

The programme is intended for:

  • Investors into start-ups (beginners and mid-level private investors, business angels, investor funds managers)
  • Corporate investment decision makers – C-level executives, CEOs, CFOs, board members, decisions makers of financial investments.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs, who want to benefit from provided know-how on how to be more efficient in positioning themselves.

The Goal of the Programme

  • To provide knowledge and tools to understand investment in more details, carefully assess investment opportunities, and learn how to manage its processes and risks;
  • To help corporate executives develop their “start-up” mindset.
  • To enable participants identify the potential of the idea, be able to measure risks and make the right decisions.
  • To increase the success rate of innovation development within enterprises
  • To raise discussions on secure and beneficial investment through real-life cases, revealing the great potential of innovation and real competitive advantage for businesses. 
  • To foster the understanding of how corporate and private players invest and what do they have in common for collaboration and co-creation;
  • To expand a community/network of like-minded innovators, who would mentor each other on finding new market potential and mutual co-creation opportunities.

Key Deliverables

After graduating from the Investment and Innovation Academy you will:

  • Apply the start-up mindset implementation in your daily activities;
  • Use the know-how and tools learned to invest and innovate utilizing the best opportunities in the market;
  • Independently search, assess and select the most valuable investment options: from startup to corporate innovation projects,
  • Measure and mitigate risks; thoughtfully finalize deals applying the key principles of both pre and post-deal management,
  • Initiate, evaluate and establish the process of innovation development.
  • Join the broad network of highly skilled like-minded innovators.
  • Continue your journey becoming a member of LitBAN

Programme Structure

The 8-month programme is divided into 5 modules
and is delivered from October 2021 to May 2022

The Faculty

The programme will be delivered by world-class lecturer-practitioners and well-known start-up gurus’, angel investors, and corporate innovators

Carlos Osorio

Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile

Frank Petry

Blue Lake Accelerator, United Kingdom

Per Møller

70Ventures Circle Venture Capital, Lithuania

Mark Payne

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Rolandas Valiūnas

Ellex Valiunas, Lithuania

Steen Parsholt

Dades A/S, NGF Nature Energy, Denmark

Saulius Adomaitis

EY, United Arab Emirates

Kamil Mieczakowski

Notion Capital, United Kingdom

Robertas Čiočys

Ellex Valiunas, Lithuania

Academy’s Main Partners

The Lithuanian Business Angel Network (LitBAN) is a community of angel investors who invest in early-stage companies with exceptional growth potential. Ex-entrepreneurs and other curious, experienced professionals dedicate their knowledge, energy and financial resources to founders with exciting projects in Lithuania and across the Nordics.

Baltic Sandbox is not just an accelerator but also a community grower. They are driven on a mission to help start-ups skyrocket, business angels widen their competencies with hands-on practices, and investors not to run out of outstanding founders. Baltic Sandbox is committed to creating an impact on societal problems and forming lasting relationships with same-minded people to build an impact together.

Content Partners

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